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PET vlakna

Greentech facility in Mladenovo (Backa Palanka) utilizes post-consumer PET bottles as raw material with capacity of up to 10.000 tons per year.

Post-consumer PET bottles collectors are required to press the bottles into bales for their easier transportation to the facility. On their arrival in the facility the bales are broken; bottles freed and sorted by color. Processing begins with crushing, washing and drying, and results in new raw material, the PET FLAKE.

Polyester fiber is being formed by further processing of PET FLAKE within the Green Group, with extensive usage thereof in the textile, automotive and construction industries. Polyester fiber is used for clothing (apparel), furniture (household and institutional textiles, interior textiles) and carpets/rugs, with ever-growing application as geotextile base for roads and landfills as well as the construction insulation.

Another final PET recycling product is the polyester tape, or PET tape, used for strapping and insuring different packages - pallets, construction industry elements, wood industry, and metallurgical industry, due to its exceptional technical features.