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Greentech has participated in the "Recycle-Fair" ("Reciklovašar") event on June 7 (during the week of World Environment Day) in Novi Sad’s "Maslacak" kindergarten. "Maslacak" kindergarten is the first eco-preschool in Novi Sad, labeled so some 20 years ago when the kindergarten employees and parents of children rebelled against the “Cikonizacija” (deratization, disinsectization, disinfection) building construction on the lawn in front of the kindergarten premises. “Maslacak” cherishes its "green" spirit until today’s date, with recycling being the main topic in kindergarten’s curriculum during last year.


Children and their teachers made number of practical items and art works from old newspapers, cardboards, plastic bottles, bags and many other post-consumer materials, with recycling dedicated manifestation being the final day’s event during which children presented their handicrafts. Number of Recycling Fair visitors, especially parents, had the opportunity to purchase numerous handicrafts made by children from "Maslačak" kindergarten at token prices. This way children are taught at a tender age that waste has its economic value and that it should be treated responsibly. "Maslačak" kindergarten Children prepared a short event for kindergarten guests, with the actual costumes for the occasion made ​​from plastic bags and waste paper.


Lecture with symbolic name "Help Planet Recycle" held in the kindergarten cinema, was dedicated for older groups of children, during which they were able to learn regarding the products being made by post-consumer PET packaging recycling in the Greentech’s production facilities, as well as to learn why it is important for Planet’s future to have waste collected and recycled. "Maslačak" kindergarten cooperation will continue during next preschool year. It is planned for the children to constantly collect post-consumer PET bottles/closures with their parents, and for the redemption funds received from Greentech to be utilized for the purchase of paint art material and sporting balls.