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Waste paper and post-consumer PET bottles collection was organized within the "Planetize! Recycle" environmental campaign in Backi Petrovac on April 30, with “Jan Čajak” elementary school pupils being the largest responding group thereof. The total of four tons of waste was collected, which was in turn sent for recycling in cooperation with Tehnopapir and Greentech Ltd.

Comprehensive program for the occasion was organized in the “Jan Čajak” school, prepared by the pupils and their teachers. Pupils competed in environmental quiz, performed recycle promoting skits, with part of the cultural program performed in honor of “Green Initiative” (Zelena inicijativa) guests consisting of music, dance, and folklore performances.

 Greentech’s PR manager, Ms. Kristina Cvejanov, made a short powerpoint presentation explaining post-consumer PET packaging recycle products - PET flakes and PET fiber. The company Greentech donated dedicated post-consumer PET packaging bin to “Jan Čajak” school.

Guests were welcomed by Mr. Vladimir Turan, the mayor of Backi Petrovac. Events both in and outside of "Jan Čajak" elementary school were organized by "Green Circle" (Zeleni krug) citizens Association from Backi Petrovac, a member of the Green List of Serbia (Zelena Lista Srbije), with the realization secured by the Balkan Community Initiatives Fund (BCIF) in cooperation with the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC) and Young Researchers of Serbia, with financial support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).
By implementing waste collecting activities within “Planetize!  Recycle” campaign, “Green List of Serbia” and “Green Initiatives” wish to increase the participation of citizens, recycling businesses and local institutions in recyclable materials collecting. Implementation of activities in 12 cities in Serbia will result in collection of over 40,000 kg of plastics, paper, electronic and electrical waste, to be shipped to recycling facilities. “Planetize!  Recycle” campaign is implemented as part of the environmental activities of Green Initiative aimed at improving waste primary selection at both local and national level, as well as reforming waste management practices in Serbia.