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GREENTECH Ltd Novi Sad, plastics recycling company, recorded company annual high of 4.000 tons of recycled post-consumer PET packaging during 2011, which is 30% increase compared to last year. The company contributed this success to its significant commitment to both collection network expansion and production capacity improvements. Greentech has invested some RSD17 million in order to increase its provider’s network capacity. Company completed the acquisition of special purpose bins, presses, conveyor-belts, perforators, trucks and other collection equipment. Number of suppliers, both utility companies and individual collectors, increased by 25% during 2011.

Confirming the Company’s extreme success during the 2011 are the numerous received awards:

  - Regional “Business partner”, awarded by the  Mass Media International agency,

  - Novi Sad Chamber of Commerce award for the regional economy development contribution,

  - Captain Misa Anastasijević Charter, and

  - "My green work" (“Moje zeleno delo”) awarded by Provincial Secretariat for Environmental Protection, for the implementation of "Help Planet Recycle" campaign.

Greentech’s excellent business results contribute to our vision accomplishment - leaving cleaner and healthier environment to future generations.