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fotoCompany Greentech Ltd. Novi Sad organized field trip for the II/5 class of the Novi Sad "Zarko Zrenjanin" elementary school as a part of "Help Planet Recycle" educational campaign. Children visited the Greentech’s recycling facility in Mladenovo, as well as the Special Nature Reserve "Kаrаđоrđеvо" and horse farm within the military facility under the same name.

Short lecture on recycling and its environmental protection importance was provided to children during their bus trip to Mladenovo. They were than able to see the Greentech’s Mladenovo recycling facility and the post-consumer PET packaging recycling process. Children were especially thrilled with PET flakes (being recycling semi-product used for the following products fabrication: PET fiber, polyester (PET) film, PET packaging tape and R-PET pellets for new preforms/bottles production). It was so interesting for kids to navigate through post-consumer PET packaging storing area with bales waiting to be recycled, looking like a big colorful maze. Forklift carrying post-consumer PET packaging bales, truck loading, noisy plastics grinding mill – all presenting new and colorful experience for children from Novi Sad.

In order to complete this educational outing - the kids had to be shown the complementary story, being what we protect by the means of waste recycling. Visiting Special Nature Reserve "Kаrаđоrđеvо" was aimed at reminding kids of the importance of keeping the nature, with us being the integral part thereof, clean and healthy. Kids were exceptionally thrilled by visiting famous stables and taking carriage rides. "Zarko Zrenjanin" primary school pupils were full of impressions on their return home, vowing to continue to be very careful not to pollute their living environment and will always, when the opportunity allows them to, send their waste for recycling.