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Greentech Ltd. Novi Sad, plastic recycling company, has during the past three months conducted "Your Planet – Your Problem" educational campaign aimed at raising the environmental awareness of children in Backa Palanka municipality primary schools. The total of 20 creative workshops were organized for elementary schools’ lower grade pupils as well as lectures for the older pupils on recycling importance for environmental protection.Educational campaign was attended by some 650 pupils from all three Backa Palanka elementary schools as well as pupils from Mladenovo, Obrovac and Karadjordjevo elementary schools. In their creative workshops second and third grade pupils made bird feeders out of post-consumer PET bottles. Feeders were than put in schoolyards and their household backyards, thus contributing to post-consumer packaging becoming a new useful product for nature, plant and animal species preservation.


Talented pupils, supported by their respective teachers, provided significant contribution to the campaign success participating in the prize award "My Planet - My Problem" competition.