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The winners of "Your Planet - Your Problem" competition conducted within the "Your planet - your problem" campaign were granted the awards at the Greentech Ltd headquarters in Novi Sad. The contest participants were the primary and secondary school pupils residing and/or studying in city of Novi Sad and municipality of Backa Palanka.


Artwork category first prize winning authors are the following three seventh grade schoolgirls from Backa Palanka "Desanka Maksimovic" primary school: Anđela Vukasinovic, Bojana Milutinovic, and Jovana Jovic. Category runner-up is Tamara Grmusa, a first grade pupil from "Sveti Sava" primary school, with third prize being awarded to Nina Cheka, third grader from Backa Palanka "Vuk Karadzic" elementary school.


Jovan Jovanovic from Novi Sad "Branko Radicevic" primary school was awarded for "Mystery Bags" fotostrip. Special award is granted to Ivana Papic third grader from Backa Palanka "Vuk Karadzic" primary school for the "My Planet - My Problem" song.


Letters of acknowledgement for outstanding contribution to Greentech’s "Your Planet - Your Problem" educational campaign, conducted during the period of March-June, 2013, were awarded to Backa Palanka "Desanka Maksimovic" primary school art teacher, Ms. Gordana Radjenovic as well as the Novi Sad "Ivo Lola Ribar" and "Branko Radičević" biology professor, Ms. Vera Jovanovic.
Planet Earth
is my problem,
on it I breathe
on it I walk.

I take the food from her,
drink the water out of her,
she means a life to me,
love her so much, that I do not hide.

Taking care of my planet,
looking after its cleanliness,
the saddest I am
when the garbage in the grass I see.

Author: Ivana Papic, III1, “Vuk Karadzic” elementary school, Backa Palanka