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fotoMinister of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection, Ms. Zorana Mihailovic, visited the Greentech’s PET packaging recycling facility in Mladenovo on the Republic of Serbia National Day (February 15, 2014). Minister Mihailovic expressed great satisfaction with Greentech’s new investment in PET flakes hot-wash facility as well as waste water and toxic fumes treatment plant meeting highest environment protection standards.
The Minister stated that certain legislation amendments would facilitate the increase in number of recycling facilities in Serbia, adding that both the Ministry of Energy and Recyclers would put their joint effort in terms of educating and increasing the general public awareness regarding primary waste selection and recycling importance.     Minister Mihailovic further added that that coordination between the ministries, local governments and recycling industry is essential for the development of the industry.  

Being fully briefed regarding Greentech’s plans to install RPET pellets (substitute for virgin PET pellets – base for PET bottles production) producing facility by the end of year, the Minister noted that it would be preferable for the Ministry to recommend PET bottle producers to partially replace till now exclusively imported virgin PET pellets with domestic pellets produced in accordance with the highest EU standards under the announced Law on Packaging and Packaging Waste amendments. Greater recycled materials usage would provide Serbian recycling industry development stimulus, being the promising industry extremely important by its environmental, economic and social aspects.