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fotoPast calendar year proved extremely important for Greentech Ltd. Novi Sad, plastics recycling company, business operations. Year 2013 marked the beginning of a four million Euros worth of new investment cycle comprising of “Hot wash” PET packaging line installation, waste water treatment facility and toxic fumes prevention plant installation (first phase of investment) followed by polyethylene processing and RPET pellets producing facilities in the second and third, respectively, expected to be completed during the second half of 2014. Furthermore a record breaking 6,900 tons of collected and recycled PET packaging waste during 2013 showed 15% increase on a previous calendar year quantities.

Thanks to both - opening of Waste Collection Center in Novi Sad and increase in number of suppliers, Greentech managed to maintain and further strengthen its Serbian PET packaging waste recycling leadership position for the 2013.

 In addition to the positive environmental protection effect, Greentech Ltd Novi Sad business operations enjoy positive social and economic impact. Greentech suppliers employ some 1,000 people within their collection network, with Greentech Mladenovo recycling facility employing 85, and looking to further increase its work force to 130 by the end of 2014.