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fotoGreentech Ltd. Novi Sad held a workshop for children titled "Ecological Bon-ton" as part of BIG’s Easter Magic Manifestations. During this specific creative socialization boys and girls had the opportunity to hear about as well as have their own take at environmentally friendly manners. They already knew very well that throwing away empty water or juice bottles isn’t polite thing to do, and yet they heard for the very first time that PET bottles recycling provides wide variety of useful products such as PET fibers that their favorite soft toys are stuffed with. They also learned that, in addition to money savings, we should also be saving water and electricity, and instead of plastic bags utilize tote- or regular shopping bags. They all provided their firm promise of becoming true environmentalists as well as teach their friends and parents the Ecological Bon-ton rules, because acting nicer to the planet shall in turn make planet be nicer to us.