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fotoScouts group "Ivo Lola Ribar" from Novi Sad traditionally organizes "Do you know your city?" activity during April of each calendar year, intended for the Novi Sad elementary schools’ fifth graders. During Sunday, April 27, elementary school pupils had the opportunity to test their knowledge of the city history and present, their resourcefulness, reveal preset locations using city maps and were asked to solve specific task after successfully reaching each of locations.
Moving along the route connecting important points of the urban living, the participants had the opportunity to renew their city knowledge, but also gain new knowledge and skills recognizing some of their newly acquired talents and interests. The entire program was realized utilizing scout methods, with special emphasis throughout being on teamwork.
Greentech, plastics recycling company, supported the activity as well as it did the year before, organized creative educational workshop on recycling and environmental protection for the activity participants and hikers being present in the Novi Sad’s Danube park. On their arrival at the final destination in Danube Park all of the activity participants were required to dispose of their emptied water PET bottles (donated by MINAQUA Novi Sad) in dedicated bags in order to be sent for recycling in Greentech’s Mladenovo recycling facility.